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NLP and Reframing: How to be Persuasive in Business - Dr. Matt's NLP Masterclass Webinars

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Have you ever wondered how to change someone's mind in a business setting?
This series of 'Empowerment Time with Dr. Matt' is free and will include the following:

• How to use NLP to reframe a negative experience
• How to rethink negative events that occurred in your past
• How to help other people to see their problems in a new light
• A live Q&A where Dr. Matt will answer your questions
• How to get rid of objections in sales/business/other areas of life

Usually our NLP Practitioner Trainings teach you how to do reframing in a therapeutic context. However, this webinar is different and will be focused on how to use reframing from a business perspective. Learn how to use NLP reframing with your clients, coworkers, boss, and everybody you do business with!

Автор: Dr Matt James
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