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Business Lessons from a Football Locker Room

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In this episode, #1 Bestselling Author and Highly Acclaimed business & Entrepreneur Expert, Mel Abraham deals with the business and relationship lessons learned after visiting a football locker room and by observing a sign there. The sign said, “Plan to win — Georgia Southern" and underneath it are 5 other little signs that said:

1. Take Care of the Football
Win the Turnover and Takeaway Margin.
2. Control the Running Game
Control the Clock. Control the Game.
3. Great Special Forces
Win the Kicking Game.
4. The Eagles Don't Beat the Eagles
Eliminate Pre-snap and Post-play Penalties.
5. Finish
Win the 4th Quarter.

There are a lot of lessons we can learn from sports, and relate it to business and relationships.

Plan to Win—Business

• Take Care (Customer & Team): What do you do in business to make your customers and team feel cared about because they want to feel appreciated? Design a process to make them feel your gratitude.
• Experiences (Customer & Team): Instead of just having a transactional relationship, make an experience to elevate your perceived value and create loyalty.
• Distinction (Be Unique): Find your strength and create your distinction so that it separates you from the mass and elevates your brand in the marketplace.
• Delivery (Superiority & Excellence): Deliver your unique experiences with superiority and excellence, and have a feedback process that allows you to change and shift as you need.
• Extra Mile (Customer, Team & Brand): To make customers and your team think that you went beyond the expected to serve them in a superior way.

Plan to Win—Relationship

• Take Care (Family First): Make your family the priority and make them feel cared about like they are number one.
• Experiences (Create & Cultivate): Create life experiences that you share with your family and friends so that in your later years when you look back it is enriching.
• Identity (Be yourself): All of us are unique and we need to allow that distinctness to come out in a positive way for our loved ones instead of comparing them to a social paradigm.
• Presence (Best & Good Intentions): Have the right intentions without desiring to hurt others that would affect your relationship negatively.
• Dependable (Your Word is Gold): The people in your lives should be able to look at you and believe that you are dependable, and you will go the extra mile to make things come to life.

Watch the video and get the mp3/transcript here: http://www.melabraham.com/session050

Mel is the founder of Business Breakthrough Academy and Thoughtpreneur Academy where he helps entrepreneurs bring their businesses to the world and build the lifestyle that they want. Mel is one the most sought after entrepreneurial mentor and strategic thinkers of our time. As the #1 Bestselling author of The Entrepreneur’s Solution: The Modern Millionaire’s Path to More Profit, Fans & Freedom Entrepreneur, Mel’s strategies have helped build thousands of businesses and have generated hundreds of millions of dollars for his clients, ranging from large corporations to startups and small family-owned businesses.

Mel is a true believer in the entrepreneurial way of life and says that this “new frontier” is the paradigm that will shift society from simply existing to living life bigger, bolder and on their own terms.

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Автор: Mel Abraham
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