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Dan Peña, Sr. 1993 QLA Lessons 5 & 6 - Growing Your Business

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I’ve known Dan Peña for more than 11 years now. Dan Peña is a personal mentor of mine. I’ve attended the Castle seminar.

I’ve attended hundreds of workshops and seminars. I’ve read over 2,000+ books. I’ve learned from some of the greatest business minds in the world. But there’s only ONE person who I consider as my personal mentor and that is Mr. Dan Peña.

If Dan Peña isn’t a man you’ve heard of before, but there are literally a gazillion reasons why anyone seeking success should pay attention to him.

Dan Peña - Daniel Pena is the founder of Quantum Leap Advantage (QLA), a mentoring program that teaches people how to achieve unprecedented levels of success and high performance. Dan is also currently Chairman and Founder of The Guthrie Group, an international investment consortium group, and over his lifetime has helped to found and grow several multimillion-dollar companies.

He draws on his experience and success in business to coach thousands of people every year as an eccentric mentor, lecturer, and motivational speaker, teaching them the proven methods and characteristics that make the highest performing individuals successful and allow them to achieve their dreams.

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Автор: Dan Lok
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