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Business lessons - Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income, Stefan Pylarinos of Project Life Mastery

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Helen from MindBenders “Success TV” (http://www.EasierLifeNow.com) reveals business secrets from multimillion dollar business owners such as Peter Voogd, Stefan Pylarinos of Project Life Mastery, and Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income. This episode is specifically about the fact that there are SO many ways to succeed in this world. Unfortunately as a result many entrepreneurs are confused on how to achieve success, some never achieve success becuase of the overload of options. Not sticking with one plan can be the greatest downfall of a business.

We get so inspired one day to pursue music, art, or business, and then the next day we get inspired to wake board or ski. It's hard to succeed if one cannot manage internal desires. Top CEO's are grounded, and are not reacting to every impulse they feel. They are more centered and controlled.

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Автор: Easier Life Now
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